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XtremePartyBus - About Us

We are a small company that started in 2006 from the idea of "The Designated Driver". We began carpooling with local friends, in the rural communities, who wanted to go into Ottawa/Gatineau for a night out and needed one of us to be the designated driver.

That idea grew into a business of offering rides to others for a fair price per person, promoting the designated driver aspect.

Soon the word got out that there was someone to call for a ride where previously there was none, no taxis in the area and if one came out there it would break the bank.

As the demand for our services increased, we required larger and larger vehicles until finally we purchased a shuttle bus, better than the car or vans we had been using.

Now we had the means to provide the rides, but the ride was not enough, we wanted more. We wanted it to be fun, so inevitably, we redesigned the bus into a 16 passenger Partybus with an xtreme sound system & lighting, and club inspired effects.

Thus we ushered in the first PartyBus in the area that was more than just a ride into town to have fun, it was the fun! We called it the Xtreme PartyBus.

As the reputation of our business grew, we continued to evolve as the needs of our clients became clearer, they wanted space for coolers and personal stuff, so we built a second bus with all the stuff people liked about our first version incorporating the feedback of our clients. Our newest member of the XtremePartyBus fleet, boasts the best of both worlds, a more durable non slip floor less cabinets, more seating now up to 27, with classic Limousine styling, and the versatility of a walk on/ walk off bus format.

We are proud to serve an ever growing Ottawa/Gatineau region, In 2010 we incorporated as Xtreme PartyBus and Limousine Services Inc. We are always ready to provide, not only a ride into town that is fun, but also many other services including weddings, birthday parties and executive transfers, and we can do it all in style!

An Xtreme PartyBus is ideal for all of your special events, we can take you there in style, with function, or pull out all the stops and bring the dance club right to your front door.

Please feel free to browse this site, and discover many special Event Ideas in which you could enjoy the services of an XtremePartyBus or come up with your own, and let us make it an Xtreme experience for you!