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Ottawa - Event Ideas

Call (613)860-4847 or Plan Your Very Own Special Event... BOOK NOW!

If you have an idea for an event not mentioned here? Please let us know and we'll add it to the list!

Arrive in style at your wedding, with one of our luxurious Xtreme PartyBuses. We strive to make the Bride and Groom feel like a King and Queen on that special day. With a capacity of up to 27 passengers, the entire bridal party can celebrate and arrive at the reception in style in one vehicle. See a complete list of our wedding package now!

Bachelor / Stag Parties

You're only days away from tying the knot, and you'll want to let loose one more time with your buddies by throwing a bachelor party. Enjoy a fantastic ride on an Xtreme PartyBus. Don't worry about drinking and driving - arrive home safe. Book now.

Bachelorette / Stagette/ Doe Parties
You're on the verge of that special wedding day, and you'll want to let your hair down with your friends by throwing a bachelorette party. Enjoy a fantastic ride on an Xtreme PartyBus. No concerns about drinking and driving - everyone will arrive home safe and sound. Book now.

Jack and Jill/ Stag and Doe Parties Parties
If you want to celebrate that upcoming wedding with a combined fundraiser party. Enjoy a fantastic ride on an Xtreme PartyBus. No concerns about drinking and driving - everyone will arrive home safe and sound. Book now.

Graduation, Prom
You made it. You're finally graduating! Make your Graduation Night a memorable one by arriving in high style. You and up to 26 of your closest friends can make an entrance that will turn everyone's head. See a complete list of our wedding package now!

Sweet 15/16 Parties/Quinceanera
So your little girl is all grown up. Where did the years go? Show her how proud you are of her by booking an Xtreme PartyBus for her Sweet 16/Quinceanera party. She and up to 26 of her friends can freak out with all the cool luxury features found in an Xtreme PartyBus. Book now.

Girl's Night Out
Meeting all your friends at the restaurant or night club is OK, but why not start the party early and return safely? Make the trip to your destination point in high fashion by booking an Xtreme PartyBus. You and up to 26 of your friends can start partying the moment you're picked up. No need to worry about drinking and driving. Book now.

Guy's Night Out
Meeting the guys at the local pub or night club is OK, but why not get things started early? Let us worrry about who is going to drive by booking an Xtreme PartyBus. You and up to 26 of your friends can start partying the moment you're picked up. Book now.

You're so excited to go to a concert featuring your favourite band. Now, you can get the dancing started early by booking your own Xtreme PartyBus. Don't forget to bring your CD, DVD or music video so that you can enjoy them on our Xtreme sound system and big screen TV. Book now.

Sporting Events
Going to a sporting event with your friends? Arrive in style with an Xtreme PartyBus. Crack open a few drinks, throw in last year's highlight reel on the big screen, and get revved up from the moment you're picked up. Book now.

Your anniversary is just around the corner? Reward yourselves with transportation to your destination in the lap of luxury. Nothing compares to the sprawling decadence of an Xtreme PartyBus. Make this an anniversary you will not soon forget! Book now.

You've already received your gold watch at the office for years of dedicated hard work. Now it's time to let loose and celebrate your retirement with friends and family. Do it in the style you deserve by booking an Xtreme PartyBus. Enjoy the golden years! Book now.

Time to add another candle to the cake? Going out with friends and family to celebrate? Do it in your own private nightclub with our spacious Xtreme PartyBus. With a treat this good, we're guessing you won't even mind turning a year older! Book now.

Kids/Teen Parties
Try something untraditional but growing in popularity. Let our experienced driver and vehicle pick your group and tour around for as long as you require to get your venue prepared for the rest of the days events. Or if you require a return trip from another event location with a surprise VIP pick up like they have never experienced, we can take care of that as well. Let them feel like rockstars, in their own private nightclub environment. But remember....When it comes to kids, safety and security is always paramount, our drivers have all been previous school bus and understand the nature of children, you know what we are talking about, and drive accordingly Book now.

New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve parties always seem to end so quickly. Now you can get a jumpstart on the festivities by starting the party early in an Xtreme PartyBus. Start celebrating the new year from the moment you are picked up at home. Book now.

Theatre/Comedy Club
You bought the theatre tickets months ago, and it's finally here. You have planned a
special evening out, arrive in style with an Xtreme PartyBus. You'll feel like VIPs in your own private night club on wheels, the XtremePartyBus is your way to an unforgettable night out. Book now.

Special Dinners Out
You work hard every day. Dinner reservations are already made. If you are gathering for a night out with close friends or family, extend the night by spending quality time before and after. Make it a memorable evening by booking an Xtreme PartyBus and feel like a VIP as you pull up to the restaurant. Book now.

Casino Packages
Planning an excursion to a casino with your friends? Avoid the hassle of car pooling, taxis or public transit. Long walks to and from the parking lot are a nuisance, not to mention potential delays with valet service. Meet friends at a pickup location and enjoy arriving at the casino together on an Xtreme Partybus, and let LadyLuck ride with you!" Book now.

Airport & Train Stations
Frustrated by lineups and delays at the airport or train station, followed by that lengthy trip. What better way to prepare yourself for those hassles than to enjoy a calm, relaxing and spacious ride to the departure location in a luxurious Xtreme PartyBus. Start that trip on the right foot, and if you like, relax on the way back home as well. Book now.

Corporate Events / Retreats
If you require a more business setting, hook up your laptop to the multimedia interface and conduct a boardroom presentation on the big screen as you make your way to that important meeting. Xtreme PartyBus can take you to your meetings, conferences or events, day or night, local or long distance. Book now.

Charter Services
If you need a limousine for an extended number of consecutive hours, or trips out of town near or far, take advantage of our specially priced charter services. Now you and up to 17 passengers can ride in style on an Xtreme PartyBus. You can be picked up and dropped off at multiple locations for your convenience. Book now.


Call (613)860-4847 or Plan Your Very Own Special Event... BOOK NOW!
An Xtreme PartyBus is ideal for all of your special events, we can take you there in style, with function, or pull out all the stops and bring the dance club right to your front door.

Please feel free to browse this site, and discover many special Event Ideas in which you could enjoy the services of an XtremePartyBus or come up with your own, and let us make it an Xtreme experience for you!